RIP Bearded Buddy: Raz 4.5.19

RIP Bearded Buddy: Raz 4.5.19

Little Creature 

Black beard, scaly skin 

Warm baths, tried to swim. 

Little Guy 

Raz was your name 

But you’d go by any name the same. 

Little Lizard 

Feed on greens 

Worms and crickets for protein. 

Little Buddy 

Lounging under your heat lamp 

Or perched on your log like a champ. 

Little Friend 

Hanging out with Beeb the Cat 

Tobee’s head is where you sat. 

Little Creature 

Thank you for the joy and laughter 

Rest well in the ever after. 

Hanging with his homies

so suddenly he was gone.

Mish got Raz in Oceanside when her and Deven started out 8/2011. He had made it to about 7 or 8 years old. They say the average life expectancy is 10, so I guess that’s pretty good…

He’d been doing well. Or so I thought. I haven’t interacted with him as much as I wanted to lately. I guess the guilt is normal after death occurs.

What I do know is that  he was doing a lot better than he ever did when he lived up in the loft in LA. At least here he’d been living with a good view of the backyard. He had baths every couple weeks. He ate well; lots of veggies and the occasional super worm or cricket. Maybe not enough…

Last summer we took him swimming in the pool. Anthony would put Raz on his tummy and Raz would jump off into the water propelling himself to swim. Then he would bask in the sun.

He loved warm baths. He’d get so relaxed and poop ALOT! He’d chill on his log most of the day and sleep in the home made cardboard box house Anthony would make for him.

….Then today he started acting weird. He actually started off the day normally; exiting his home, he tried to climb on his cardboard box. Anthony said he struggled, but didn’t think anything of it. Hours later he was pale, a complete black beard, labored breathing.

We didn’t know what to do, so we turned to Google and YouTube. We quickly realized we had to take him in to the vet. But it happened so fast. We didn’t have a chance.

Now he’s in a box by our bed under a heat lamp. Morbid?  Probably. We were reading that reptiles are particularly good at playing dead. Shouldn’t it be obvious that he’s gone?! We want to be sure. Just in case. I don’t think Raz will… We’ll bury him tomorrow.

He’s a little creature. Maybe I didn’t bond with him like I did with my sweet cat Beeb or my ole’ beagle Tobee. He was our little buddy. I smile as I remember how proud he looked as he basked under the heat lamp. I laugh to myself recalling how funny he looked swimming in a pool a gagillion sizes bigger than him. 

That's the joy we humans get from our pets, big or small, mammal, fish or Raz.

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  1. You wil be missed Raz. We love you and now your energy is free to roam wherever it shall choose. Go check out the beach while your at it, and try not to eat everything that moves. Thanks for all the good times my little Lizardo.

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